Trump to Weigh Litigation Changes Long Coveted by Business

Bloomberg BNA
Monday, February 27, 2017

By Bruce Kaufman

President Donald Trump is expected to soon begin reviewing a series of bills that represent the most significant congressional challenge to the established litigation process in more than 10 years, and would likely aid business defendants in thousands of cases every year.

At stake are six items championed by big business and scorned by consumer groups, that include changes large and small to class actions and other devices that shape the modern civil litigation process.

The bills lay bare industry efforts to rewrite class-action practice, aid defendants striving to keep cases out of plaintiff-friendly state courts, and punish attorneys who file dubious claims. …

Joanne Doroshow, the founder of the consumer rights group Center for Justice & Democracy, told Bloomberg BNA that “whatever the election was about, it was not about sending politicians to D.C.—including Trump—so they could rig the courts against everyday Americans, or strip away legal rights guaranteed by state and local governments.”

She says these bills haven't failed in the past due to strategic miscalculations, but because they are “not popular bills. They come back year after year for only one reason—paid business lobbyists keep bringing them back,” she said.

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