Letter to the Editor: A brew-haha

The Miami Herald
Friday, July 1, 2011

Re Glenn Garvin’s June 26 review, A documentary about lawyers, this time crying over spilled coffee: Garvin has a right to his opinion about the documentary Hot Coffee, but he does not have the right to misrepresent our organization, the Center for Justice & Democracy.

I helped found CJ&D after working for a number of years with Ralph Nader on liability and insurance issues. Nader, a group of consumer advocates and I founded this organization together. We are a tiny group, funded by foundation grants (not related to lawyers), memberships and subscriptions to our materials and donations. We are not a political front for anyone, including trial lawyers. Our board of directors consists of a film producer, a political science professor and me.

This article is less a film review than a list of tired, incorrect talking points, the sorts of things more likely to come from corporate special interests than TV critics. We wonder who may have supplied this false information to Garvin.

Joanne Doroshow, executive director, Center for Justice & Democracy, New York
For a copy of the complete article, contact CJ&D.

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