Health vs. wealth: Boss of struggling Brooklyn hospital facing closure, gets $4M salary

The Daily News
Monday, August 15, 2011

Dr. Linda Brady's tax records indicated an income of over $4million dollars, making her the top earning hospital president in the state. She's New York's $4 million woman.

Dr. Linda Brady, the head of a tiny Brooklyn hospital, raked in just over that amount in total compensation in 2009 - more than any other nonprofit hospital executive in the state, tax records show.

Brady, president of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in East Flatbush, was awarded the hefty sum the same year the hospital was forced to close a clinic and lay off workers and staff members took furloughs because of budget tightening.

"You're taking a bonus the same year you're firing people, forcing furloughs and not funding pensions," said an outraged Dr. Abdul Malik, former chief of the hospital's cardiocare unit who now operates his own practice across the street from Kingsbrook.

"Why are you taking this much money? It's not that people cannot make money in this country, but this is too much."

The 326-bed facility is considered one of five Brooklyn hospitals that advocates fear is in danger of being shuttered by Gov. Cuomo's medical redesign team. Many of Kingsbrook's patients are Medicaid recipients.

Joanne Doroshow, executive director of the consumer advocacy group Center for Justice & Democracy, which in March found that Brady's compensation was the highest in the state, called Brady's compensation "a shock."

"The money's coming from somewhere, so to the extent it's going into the pocket of the CEO, it's not being used to serve patients," said Doroshow.

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