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The PopTort Picked As One Of The Aba Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs!!!

New Report Shows How Drug Industry Immunity Would Endanger Women; U.S. Supreme Court To Decide Major Case Soon

New Consumer Report on Playground Safety Takes Aim at Views of Corporate Groups

New Publication by Center for Justice & Democracy Says "Tort Reforms" Are Racially Discriminatory

Consumer Group Condemns U.S. Chamber of Commerce For Again Attacking Struggling Gulf Coast Region; Survey Also Discriminates Based on Race

Center for Justice & Democracy Releases "State Attorneys General: The People's Champion"

Consumer and Patient Groups Assail Spitzer Process on Medical Malpractice

Michigan's Harmful Drug Industry Immunity - New Report from the Center for Justice & Democracy


CJ&D Responds to 60 Minutes’ Morley Safer Segment

Consumer Advocates Condemn Senate Homeland Vote Placing Corporate Special Interests Above the Public’s Interest

CJ&D Responds to 60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney Commentary

Center For Justice & Democracy Calls On President Bush To Focus On The Real Reasons Why Insurance Costs Are Skyrocketing

National Consumer Groups Applaud Congress‚ Call for Major Investigation of Insurance Industry

Flawed Jury Data Masks Trends

AMA Issues Bogus Report; Blatantly Ignores Insurance Industry’s Sole Responsibility for Causing Premium Crisis for Doctors

California Restrictions on Malpractice Victims Have Not Affected Malpractice Premiums

The High-Tech Hypocrites of "Tort Reform"

Shakedown: How the Insurance Industry Exploits a Nation in Times of Crisis

Center For Justice & Democracy Response to AIA Attack on "Premium Deceit"

Insurance Industry Admits: Don’t Expect “Tort Reform” To Reduce Insurance Rates

Groundbreaking report forces business lobbyists to admit publicly that "tort reform" won't reduce insurance rates

No cut in insurance prices due to "tort reform"

“Tort Reform,” Bush and the Enron Connection

Study Shows That Warning Labels Save Lives

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